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Volunteering Leave to Fulfill Multiple Missions

Volunteering was a natural occupation of my time. I began volunteering in 2003 and continue to do so today. There are many different avenues to go down as a volunteer and every specialty you may enjoy is out there for the taking. Whether humanitarian needs, animal rescue, environmental, academic, or veteran support to note a few; there are basic activities that Americans and others spend a great deal of their personal time giving back to their communities.  The majority of people I worked alongside as a volunteer retired from their former careers and had more the time to donate than many in their 20s to 40s. While that was true before the recession, in the past four years those numbers have moved a great deal toward a younger base. Both people who are unable to get employed and can function more effectively by staying sharp and working while they hunt for jobs, and professionals like myself who know that the need is far larger than the volunteer reserves in the USA if we don’t partici…