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Sexting, Lies and Videotape Meets All the Potential Presidents Men?

After listening to the political quagmire (yes those who wish to use the Family Guy® reference can feel free to go there!) regarding the recent scandals in New York City politics, I think that New Yorkers (and Americans) are getting a bit bogged down in the minutia and forgetting the real issue. Regardless of our political stripe, citizens, politicians and pundits are being so sidetracked by the promiscuous exhibitionist behaviors happening all around us to the point where we keep communally forgetting which behaviors are illegal and which are merely unseemly, sordid and even contemptible, but not against the law.

Former Congressman and would-be NY City Mayor Anthony Weiner obviously should consider some serious psychotherapy. He ought to also consider getting a press team who is capable of coping with massive hubris and persuading him when he should truly stop speaking; (particularly if he intends to keep running for office). Regardless, as his dramedy continues on multiple channels,…