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Pick your Ducks and Prevent a Row

I think that I’ve become too jaded or too indifferent to get my dander up regarding Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. It was a safe assumption that A&E would reinstate him and that they would of course be back on the show as soon as the free advertising frenzy resulted in more name recognition and paraphernalia purchases than they could have imagined in their wildest fantasies. It is an interesting opportunity to watch for the pundits throughout the political spectrum venting everything from their own pro or anti-gay points without even noticing that the demographic for the show was so limited that it was a complete waste of time for the multiple demographic groups that, honestly, never would have gone anywhere near Duck Dynasty without provocation. It’s doubtful that there would have even be incentive to (unlike Sarah Palin) do something really radical—like actually reading Robertson’s GQ Interview before chiming in on what they think was allegedly said in it.

Overall, the general s…