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Pick your Ducks and Prevent a Row

I think that I’ve become too jaded or too indifferent to get my dander up regarding Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. It was a safe assumption that A&E would reinstate him and that they would of course be back on the show as soon as the free advertising frenzy resulted in more name recognition and paraphernalia purchases than they could have imagined in their wildest fantasies. It is an interesting opportunity to watch for the pundits throughout the political spectrum venting everything from their own pro or anti-gay points without even noticing that the demographic for the show was so limited that it was a complete waste of time for the multiple demographic groups that, honestly, never would have gone anywhere near Duck Dynasty without provocation. It’s doubtful that there would have even be incentive to (unlike Sarah Palin) do something really radical—like actually reading Robertson’s GQ Interview before chiming in on what they think was allegedly said in it.

Overall, the general s…

Why Fa was Right about Government Bureaucracy

I may have finally crossed over to the other side regarding federal employment. While I was in college (and shortly after), Government looked like a place where the passable and unmotivated applied when they were not competitive enough or too fearful to take on the corporate life. Admittedly, when I became a General Service (GS) employee, I was conflicted. I liked the possibilities of secure work, but I did not want to become lethargic or pigeonholed where I could no longer be creative, improve, or advance.

As the clock on the television counts down (like it does at Time Square on December 31st); to determine if we are to furlough government employees who are deemed non-essential out of their jobs for an uncertain amount of time, I think it is finally time to accept that the US Government no longer wants an exemplary workforce, (if it ever did).

My grandfather (a.k.a. "Fa") worked for Department of Commerce a long time ago. He was disconcerted on occasion himself when he look…

United We Stood, Divided We’ve Fallen (But Maybe We CAN Get Up)

I have been listening all week to the multiple commemorative perspectives on the 50thAnniversary of the March on Washington. From Saturday’s First Amendment Demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial, through multiple speakers; through the National Urban League and NAACP and even tribal dances and multiple versions of Amazing Grace; many different feelings arose all around me. While thousands of Americans and visitors of every demographic waited en masse, the Secret Service herded everyone into  were to be checked into a zone that required more scans and security checks than an International Airport without an organized set of ropes between any kind of isles. Upon arrival, I watched hundreds of attendees waiting 4-5 hours to get inside the perimeter. The level of security made the hoses and riot police in Alabama seem more real than the simple systemic control that (as a people) we take completely for granted without thought or protest in the year 2013. As a communications professional, I…

Sexting, Lies and Videotape Meets All the Potential Presidents Men?

After listening to the political quagmire (yes those who wish to use the Family Guy® reference can feel free to go there!) regarding the recent scandals in New York City politics, I think that New Yorkers (and Americans) are getting a bit bogged down in the minutia and forgetting the real issue. Regardless of our political stripe, citizens, politicians and pundits are being so sidetracked by the promiscuous exhibitionist behaviors happening all around us to the point where we keep communally forgetting which behaviors are illegal and which are merely unseemly, sordid and even contemptible, but not against the law.

Former Congressman and would-be NY City Mayor Anthony Weiner obviously should consider some serious psychotherapy. He ought to also consider getting a press team who is capable of coping with massive hubris and persuading him when he should truly stop speaking; (particularly if he intends to keep running for office). Regardless, as his dramedy continues on multiple channels,…

Speak Now to Forever Hold Our Peace

In October, 2010; a "ruly mob" of 150,000 to 200,000 people filled the National Mall, (from almost in front of the Capitol to the Washington Monument (at their own time and expense). They came for The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, DC. According to Jon Stewart, the event was intended to be for: "the 70–80 percenters," who do not hold extreme political views and lack a voice in the media” alongside Stephen Colbert.The overall spoof format did not detract from the effort to address the overall needs that the American people want to speak. They also want actual answers from their government that they don’t believe they are currently hearing.Just short of a year later, on September 17, 2011 Occupy Wall Street is born and to this day, refers to themselves a “leaderless resistance movement”.
I attended both of these events (by happenstance more than by intent); and at both, I remember the overall swell in the crowd of harmony and focus. It did not mat…

Certain Unalienable Realities

OK. After the craziest week of professional and peripheral experiences I have experienced in a very long time, we are back to examining the fundamental freedoms and rights that are inalienable versus privilege we take for granted as Americans. On Monday, during the Boston Marathon, New Yorkers like me were flashing back and working through our Local and National PTSD regarding explosions and injuries and responders being killed or injured, limbs falling from the sky and 3 fatalities that are still being resolved as I write this. As Americans, we have simultaneously been reminded as one people, that our freedoms don’t come free of any cost. With freedom comes responsibility (whether you like it or not).  These responsibilities are what our laws are for and our laws and their enforcement require us to work together as one country.
As the ATF, FBI, Massachusetts State Police and Boston PD arrest “Suspect #2”  in connection to the bombing Monday at the Boston Marathon; we as Americans can,…

Is the US Train Falling off the Fiscal or Literal Cliff?

OK. I think it’s official that we are now a social media and on-line communication world. As I listen to the U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on Wednesday morning stating that the US Postal Service is going to stop delivering letters and other mail on Saturdays, but continue to handle packages, I see another basic staple that, like most other things, Americans take for granted until they begin to go away. The gradual nature of the demise makes sense, but because people generally don’t notice items until they are slammed directly in front of them, they can ignore them.

There are many aspects of our daily lives that are funded by our taxes and that we don’t notice, so we don’t see the need to pay for them. The mail is definitely one of those. If delivery has been privatized to the point of making the US Postal Service irrelevant forever, then that’s fine. We will all go to UPS® or FedEx® and other Commercial Carriers to mail everything then so be it. It will be more expensive, an…

Are Baby Boomers Retiring Only as Metaphors?

We don’t need to examine the Baby-boomer generation too deeply to understand that, as far as retirement goes, they are going to be slower and more cautious retiring during the giant post-recession. Frankly, if I were eligible for retirement in the next 10 years, there would still be no way on earth I would retire early. Having watched the retirement funds and Thrift Savings Plans (TSPs)blown to smithereens by hedge fund gambling, speculation and outright fraud over the past ten years, millions of people who could have retired, can’t and many federal employees who may have entertained the idea, probably won’t.
The psychology is not all that complicated. The U.S. job market has gone from unions having some political and financial teeth up through the 1970s which once required businesses to look at long-term investment and encouragecompensation to keep pace with productivity.This changed in stages.
The first strawcamethroughtrade and market expansion and global competitioncoinciding with e…